Zucchini Harvest

On Thursday, we harvested a zucchini that was ‘ready’.  In the previous weeks, we had salvaged about three small fruits before they were entirely devoured by slugs, just cutting off that end. This one was grown in a container and seems to be the better choice for our garden.  We picked this lovely zucchini and used it to top pizza!

Growing season wrap-up: We grew three plants: one in the ground and two in a tub.  They grew pretty well but had a late start since the flowers were not coordinating through June and most of July. Finally, the plants worked out the timing and we began to have fruit setting!  The zucchini on the ground got eaten pretty quickly so we had to harvest only small fruit from that one.  The ones in the pots had a lot less slug attacks but I think they would have done better with one plant per pot.

Next year:

1. Grow 3-4 zucchini plants in pots. One pot each plant.

2. Water regularly and include regular fertilizer since potted plants use up the nutrients quicker than those in the ground.

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