Honey’s Bike

I told Honey that my gift to her for our civil partnership would be to take her to pick out a new bike. We’ve been busy during the weekends recently and haven’t made it there on a Saturday when we’re both off.  She went once and didn’t see any she liked and then we went together after work on Thursday (they’re open later that night) and we scored the winner!

We got it at recyke-a-bike, where they take donated bikes and refurbish them as new. Saturday was spent picking up a bike helmet, lock and lights and biking around town in the sunshine!  We’re both excited about the adventures that await us!



  1. OOOOoooh, a Raleigh a Raleigh, how lovely, I had a red Raleigh chopper in the 1970’s and oh how I wish I still had it. They are so expensive now but I would still like one. I wish I could cycle, I am such a lazy old fart lol.

  2. Hi Valerie, welcome!
    Your bike sounds like it was beautiful! My honey hadn’t been on a bike in many, many years and says it actually IS just like riding a bike, so perhaps your bike riding years aren’t over?

    : * )

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