Cats Really are the Zen Masters

People always speak as though cats are mindful sages, masters of  Zen…and when they’re running around the house or climbing over your face in the middle of the night, you’d be hard pressed to believe it.

But our cats are coaching us into a simpler life.

1. We cannot leave half-finished crochet/sewing projects around, because cats + string/yarn/thread= BAD NEWS.  So, we tidy away our projects when we’re done working on them.

2. They decide that we should de-clutter and they put their plans into action.  For instance, they may mark a beanbag that they think is one seat too many, or precisely the wrong shade of blue to go with the blue couch and recliner (also two different blues and fabrics), giving us no choice but to dispose of it.  Other times, they play a game of piggy bank versus butterfly and make sure to let the butterfly live out its short life and sacrifice the piggy bank (because who needs materialism or the copper reminders of the capitalist trade system that cats clearly do well without!).

(Ignore the dust and imagine the smashed bank photo that I cannot find!)

3. They tell us when we’ve been plugged into technology for too long and (wedge their way) gracefully intervene by climbing up our torsos and purring away. That is our queue to return to the present.

4. They remind us that completing our chores is not a race and that sometimes it’s more important to just enjoy the moment given to us.

5. They help us connect with nature and redecorate by bringing the ‘outdoors’ inside!  Who needs sand gardens when you can have your own waterways and fields of rich soil?

6. They make working from home so much more enjoyable as they (sleep) meditate beside us,

and I am grateful for what they have taught us so far.


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