A Month of Thanks: Scottish Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday. I love the fact that it emphasises gathering as a family or community, reflecting on the joys in life and giving thanks for what you have.  I love that it is not based in consumerism or solely the domain of a particular religion and is celebrated by entire nations. Today, we celebrated Scottish Thanksgiving (‘traditionally’ – aka, done 8 times this way by me- celebrated on the Saturday before the 4th Thursday of the month) and it was wonderful. Our family (Honey’s side) came over and we had six people and six animals (two sets of dogs and a set of cats!) in a small living room, talking, eating, playing games, relaxing, co-existing, and enjoying family time.

We started the meal by sharing what we had written on our leaves for our ‘garland of gratitude’ and the items on my leaves this Thanksgiving are:

* My nanny’s recovery

* My wife and our Civil Partnership

* Completing my Ph.D. and the support I received

* My new family

* Our first home and our kitties

These pretty much sum up my year.  Happy Thanksgiving!


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