Pattern Testing

I helped a friend test one of her patterns and it was a really interesting experience.  I love crocheting, but I think that I have only fully followed one pattern before and that was only after making it several times. I usually doubt the instructions, think that there must be a typo, or decide that I’d like to do it some other way. Mostly, I just make things without patterns or pay attention to the final shape rather than the process. Testing this pattern,  I had to pay careful attention to each stitch to not just get the same final shape, but get the same final shape through the same actions.

Paying such close attention and seeing why each component was chosen was fascinating and a journey through the thought process, which I really enjoyed. The pattern is Quixie and I adore it- it’s a quick project, very snuggly and just darn cute! I chose green because not only is it my favourite default colour, but it makes the hat perfect for year-round Spring Gnomes, Autumn Sprites, and Winter Elves or Pixies! The sizes range from baby through adult, so I’m thinking of whipping up a few as Christmas pixie hats in the up-coming weeks. The pattern is on Ravelry. Trust me, if you like crochet and creating cuteness, you will love her patterns!



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