Charity Shop Jackpot

Last weekend in the Borders, we went down to Berwick (England) for the day and wandered around the charity shops. Well, we hit the jackpot!

In addition to a new shirt for Honey, two gorgeous blue flowered single duvet covers for £2 total and a few things we picked up in their packages that we’re going to gift, we found these:

These gorgeous cast iron pots were stacked by the till, with an £8  tag on top. Now, I would’ve maybe paid £6 for the bottom one. I asked the sales assistant if the price was for one or the set, and it was the set! Just as he said that, I was already completing my full-bodied sweeping movement that landed them on the till. We looked at them briefly, paid, giggled again at the ridiculous things we sometimes carry. They have plastic handle covers which means they’ll be easy to take off (and still get a decent grip on the lid) for use in the oven.  CAST IRON SET? Oh Yeah!


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