Pet Rocks and Other Pastimes

In the beginning of December, Honey and I took a visit to England and then Wales. One day, while walking into town along the coast, we kicked rocks for a mile or so. As we focusing on kicking our own rocks, we let our minds and conversation meander and enjoyed sharing this old fashioned time together. It was not only the perfect way to slow down and live in the present, it was one my favourite parts of our trip. As we neared the end of the road, I quickly scooped up both rocks and said we could play on the walk back but I knew that I planned to make this monster!

One of my favourite knick-knacks-currently sitting in a California job case in my childhood home- is a small rabbit pet rock that my mom drew after I designed it on a camping trip. I still love the idea of rock momentos since they are free, have a low impact on the environment, and are often pretty! This kicking stone was not pretty, so I gussied him up! I had planned on painting two horns, but he told me he did not need any. The sparkly nail polish was a nice surprise, although I will write with marker over top a layer of sealant/nail polish from now on since the nail polish blurred the writing a tad.  This goofy creature was part of Honey’s Christmas stocking.


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