Link Love: New Snack Recipes

In the Fall, I got a little bored with the snacks I took to work. I always have containers with raisins and some sort of nuts or seeds (generally pumpkin, sunflower or peanut, but sometimes almonds or walnuts), but there are days when this is just not enough. I signed up for a free trial of grazebox and was inspired by the range of snacks on offer. From there, I purchased some new water-tight clip boxes and added olives, dates (found organic ones on sale and oh my, organic and sugar free makes them divine) and peanut butter no-bake balls (peanut butter, oats, and honey with added cocoa powder, seeds or chopped fruit, depending on the batch) to my snack rotation. The peanut butter balls are particularly useful right before and after yoga! As a treat, we sometimes check  for sale fruit/nut mixes from the health food stores.

Still, I need to make sure that I have high protein snacks for the office that I will not find boring after over-use. After a search on Pinterest, I’ve found these enticing recipes!

1. Bits of Taste’s ‘healthy snack bar‘ looks deliciously textured.

2. Use Real Butter’s banana based ‘single ingredient ice cream‘  is vegan and would probably keep well as a chilled snack for work.

3. Chocolate-Covered Katie’s chickpea based ‘cookie dough‘  looks fabulous to adapt to other sweet flavours. Perhaps with cocoa added?

4. Better Homes and Gardens’ ‘white bean spread‘ which will add variety to the soon-to-be-boring easy sandwich fall back of hummus.

5. Enlightened Cooking and Snack Girl both have fruity and nutty cookies- vegan and sugar free, which are a good jumping point for other fruit and nut combos. I’m thinking of using them as breakfast cookies.

6. Habas fritas are always a welcome salty snack!

7. No Meat Athlete’s ‘ultimate energy bar formula‘ looks infinitely useful.


  1. Thanks for sharing this! I too get bored with the usual fruit and nuts, and this looks very helpful and enticing 🙂 You’re the best, Chica!

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