Summer Dreamin’

What could be better on a dark winter’s night than planting seeds?

Tomatoes were started a bit late last year, so we’re planning on a rolling harvest. Our first batch of tomatoes and strawberries are sown, with more to come this weekend before the February sowings begin!



  1. *Cake pan*, yes! While we have small take-away containers- like the kind at salad bars- that will house other seedlings, I wasn’t sure how to do these since we don’t want to disturb them once they’ve started to grow. We’re just going to separate the egg sections and pop those into the dirt.

    We DO, however, have serving tray lids that I can stick the egg cartons into once the cling-film gets in the way of the wee sprouts. Thanks for the reminder!

    When are you going to start some seeds?

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