Chemical Creep

I recently noticed that a lot of chemical-laden ‘beauty’ and ‘personal care’ products had made it into our home. We weren’t using most of them (so why keep them?!) but some were in our regular rotations.

I gathered our products together-even checking ones I thought were ‘safe’- and looked up their ratings in the Cosmetics Database. If they scored too highly, I dumped them. About half were brand-new and could be donated to the charity shop. That didn’t alleviate the guilt of trashing the others. Still, the reminder of how toxic some things can be kept me from using them. It’s time to push back the chemical creep!



  1. What number do you consider too high? I’ve been looking through the site and it’s scary to ponder what’s in simple things like mascara that you don’t think about! One of the Cover Girl ones I’ve used was a 7! Eek.

    • That’s a great question.

      At the moment, I am keeping everything below a 5. Fours and below can win, provided I make informed decisions about the ingredients. I have a product that I really trust that has a citrus ingredient that they ranked high for allergies. If it had been ranked high for hormone disruptor, I would have dumped it immediately! For me, it’s about using that as a guide to really scrutinise the ingredients I put on my skin.

  2. I am constantly fighting the chemical creep.
    I clean out, then before I know it more are back,
    this is especially true for cleaning products…
    I like to use vinegar, lemon juice, or natural glycerin soaps,
    BUT before I know it I am loaded up on toxic laundry and
    cleaning products that my husband bought on “Sale”… 😦

  3. Yep, sales can do that! Also people giving gifts and thinking it’s a nice ‘natural’ product and that you’d enjoy it, etc.

    Where I can’t quite complete pushing out the creeps, is with sunblock. I can’t exactly slather my entire body with zinc oxide, so am at a loss about the safest and yet most effective sunblocks.

    I’m all for making natural substitutions for things, but am very wary of doing the same for skin protection.

  4. The same thing happens to me with cleaning products, especially because my MIL will drop off things she got on sale. I dont want the chemical products in my house but it’s a bit awkward telling her to take them back.

    The Coppertone sensitive skin sunblock only had a “2” rating, so they seemed like a decent bet. I haven’t tried any of the natural ones yet, I’m so wary of getting burnt and skin cancer that I’m afraid to try a brand I’m not comfortable with already.

    • It’s hard when people are being nice or helpful to tell them that what they brought you ‘isn’t good enough’- even if we use different words, that is how it might feel to them.

      Coppertone Sensitive! Ah, I’ll have to check into that- I definitely need sensitive. Have you used the coppertone one yet? I don’t like greasy sunblocks.

      I tried a new sunblock in the spring because it’s not always easy to get ones I recognise or have years of trusting and I got the most ridiculous CHEMICAL burn (and I know it was, because I put it on and we ended up not going outside) from the cream!

      • Yikes!!! That’s no good. I’ve tried the Coppertone oil free ones before so I’ll have to check out the sensitive. I’ve been using a Kate Somerville one for my face that they sell at Sephora but it’s pricey…it doesn’t make me break out though, which is why I have to be really careful about greasy sunblocks.

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