A Letter to the Government on Valentine’s Day

Dear Scottish Government,

Today, you will see those privileged enough to take time away from work to march on the capital in the middle of the work day. They are just a fraction of the large number in Scotland who urge you to pass marriage equality. While the opponents are loud, we hope that we can be louder today to show you that there are countless individuals who wish to make the legal partnership system equal and gender neutral. Individuals should not be kept from legally marrying or getting a civil partnership simply based on their legal gender. Nor should individuals be kept from marrying or getting a civil partnership simply because they don’t wish to identify with the binary gender system currently in place. The current partnership system is an exclusionary hierarchy.

On this day of love, please think about bringing Scotland’s actions more in line with its ideals and show that we are a country working to promote equality for all of its citizens. Allow all individuals, regardless of their sexual orientation or legally recognised gender, the option to enter into marriage or civil partnership and allow their religious communities the right to celebrate with them.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Contact your MSP to say you support equal marriage and sign the petition: Take Action.


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