Grow Forth!

This weekend we went to ‘Grow Forth’, a local food summit. The event had stalls, talks and group discussions on everything from growing food in containers to starting a smallholding, to the Fife diet (pledging to eat only what can be produced within the local authority area). It was great to meet so many people who are interested in food and local sustainability. We heard about projects that: sell affordable produce in socio-economically deprived areas; teach people how to build food planters for community gardens; create edible borders around the council area; and work to conserve and re-create bumble bee habitats. I even jumped on the ‘smoothie bike’ and pedaled along to blend a smoothie.

On the Verge gave us enough seeds to sprinkle our whole lawn with a ‘lawn mix’ of native grasses and wildflowers to attract and feed pollinating insects. We purchased some snowdrops (which I’m pretty excited about since they’re one of the few bulbs that aren’t already in our lovely garden!) and hyacinths, and picked up some grape hyacinths on sale during our walk home.

We left with notes and ideas for growing potatoes in containers, gardening with those who need various adaptions to be involved, creating better compost, a seasonal eating calendar, and information on creating wildflower meadows.

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