Over the River and Through the Woods…

a-gardening we will go!

Honey and I are off work this week and have spent some time enjoying the early spring weather working in the garden. We created a path in the front garden so I don’t have to worry about stepping on things once the plants spring back up.

The pampas grass we started to dig up in July had now softened enough for Honey to dig up. As I scampered around, picking up plastic and other litter that drifts into the yard, I found a ring box. When I opened it up to see crusted mud and bugs, I was pretty surprised to also find a ring inside! I just stood confused about how a ring would get to the back wall of the garden when I had already worked extensively in that bit of yard last summer.

Honey was clear-minded enough to say it probably belonged to a friend who used to live here. We sent this friend a photo of the find and bingo! It was hers! Her child had thrown it out the window (which was directly above where we found it). Moral of the story? We’ll have to make sure someone we know moves into this house after us!

Happy Leap Day!


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