Woodlands and Shady Spots

In the backyard, we mowed the lawn and sprinkled the new seed mix on, and did some planting to a section I think of as our ‘woodland’ area. Last year, under the one tree in the yard, there were ornamental grasses that we removed. Ornamental grasses don’t provide food to humans or wildlife and aren’t the best homes, so I’m not the biggest fan of keeping them. The other things that were growing under the tree were wild strawberries and shady woodland flowers, which look fantastic when in bloom. To this, we’ve added the three types of bulbs from Saturday and seeds that work well in wet-ish wooded areas: forget-me-nots and another woodland mix whose package has already been recycled!

The lawn mix we used included 80% grasses (smooth-stalked meadow grass, strong creeping red fescue, chewings fescue, hard fescue and common bent) and 20% wildflowers (yarrow, kidney vetch, daisy, Scottish bluebell, lady’s bedstraw, birdsfoot trefoil, wild marjoram, cowslip, primrose, selfheal, meadow buttercup, bladder campion, devils-bit scabious, and common speedwell).



    • Good tip! Yes, the idea is that these will grow taller than a regular lawn, but is still step-able and sit-able. I am thinking probably about 3-4 inches is ideal..We’ll have to mow it at the end of the summer like you would for a maintained meadow.

      • We have wildflowers all over our lower bank, but it’s really difficult to trim them down after they’re done blooming. Nothing like standing on a steep rocky hill with a weed whacker…

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