Sometimes, I Take on More Than I Can Handle. Luckily, the Box Had Two!

I had off work last Wednesday and on the walk home from the supermarket, I noticed a wooden garden box in someone’s driveway. It had two planks of old wood draped over it so I thought I’d have a chance if I asked they if they were going to get rid of it. I knocked on the door and the woman who answered had to check about the box but couldn’t get through on the phone to her dad. I went home to drop off the groceries and then sauntered the four blocks back to see if she had heard back. When I arrived, she said it was fine, so I bounded around to the driveway, donned my gloves and lifted the box up. An inch. It was much heavier than I had anticipated. On closer inspection, I saw that it was oak and iron.

I lifted it with both arms, taking the weight on my legs and shuffled along to the street. After about 15 feet, my heart was racing, I was short of breath and I had to stop. My determination wavered for a moment but I thought it would look a lot more ridiculous if I abandoned the box in the street in front of their house. I also really wanted the box as a planter. So I went through this sort of work out: shuffle shuffle, puff, puff, rest, rest, rest, shuffle shuffle, puff puff…For about a block. Fortunately, the park was now between me and a long bridge. I took advantage of the park’s location and rolled the box through the grass until the bridge, then carried on shuffling along. When I arrived at the bottom of my street, I decided I couldn’t actually carry it any further. I spotted construction workers nearby and went to ask them if they had any wheels I could borrow for about 20 minutes since I couldn’t physically carry it any further. Before I got close enough to speak, I noticed their wheel barrow, so asked about that. The man said that he’d drive the box to my house and brought the truck around. He loaded it in and I met him by the garden. He then carried it into the garden for me!

*Such* a relaxing activity for a day off!


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