Recipe for a Wonderful Weekend

On Saturday, we had friends over to exchange Christmas presents. Since it was sunny, we did that pretty quickly and then headed out back to enjoy the weather. Our friends are full of amazing awesomeness. They helped us trim 5 feet off the top of the hedge, dig a trench by the garden bed, and hammer pallet pieces together to build a wall for the raised bed. A 30+ foot-long raised bed! Although the day was technically full of manual labour, it was also full of sunshine, jokes, pleasant conversation and strong team work! Thank you S, J and D!

That evening when we came inside, our 6 year old neighbour knocked on the door to show us that Jupiter was out. We then spent some time out front with him, his brother and his mom looking at the sky, doing monster dances and petting cats.

On Sunday, I went for two rows and then Honey and I headed back out into the (still sunny) garden for some more work. We repaired the greenhouse, I planted the new wooden box up with salad stuff (chives, parsley, spring onion, spinach beet, bok choy and marigolds) and Honey removed the rusted legs from an old barbecue. We then spent an hour into the dusk building a fire in the barbecue (it’s hard to build a fire without tinder and with only green wood, but it’s not impossible!) and enjoying the lovely smell of wood smoke.


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