Raspberries: Take Two

Last year, we made several mistakes while attempting to grow raspberry canes. 1) We planted kind of late, at the end of May or beginning of June. 2) When the leaves started to droop, we mulched with grass to retain moisture. This helped for a while, and wasn’t a mistake, but they still failed to thrive. Not understanding why they were failing was the mistake. 3) One plant produced a few raspberries, but they never ripened. 4) In retrospect, we planted them too closely. There were 5 plants within 2 square feet! 5) When we built the raised bed wall, we found piles of rocks in the bed where the raspberries had been placed.

This year, we have prepared a deep, mulch-rich bed and have given each raspberry cane about one square foot each (which, according to square foot gardening is fine). We’re going to mulch early, and mulch often! Photos of this year’s raspberries to come.


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