Bean Bag Games

A friend of mine is so creative and everything she makes is beautiful (including children!). When it came time to think about making birthday presents for these children, I thought that there was nothing I could make that she couldn’t make for them. Then, my sense kicked in and I remembered that this family is so wonderful, appreciative and caring, that the crafting situation for them is the exact opposite of hindered: I can take creative risks when making things for them and they will understand what love goes into creating.

So I thought about them all for a few days and finally the idea came to me. As I designed it, I got quite excited about the individual elements. There were mistakes when constructing it, particularly the fact that I made the button hole for the draw string one step too late, but I’m pretty happy with it overall and I hope the little ones like it as well!

A draw string bag stores it all away.

The board is attached to the bag so the bag will not get lost.

The board has several different colours and shapes (and meant to be reminiscent of a rainbow over the land) so that different games can me made up.

The nine bean bags have removable covers for washing.

Happy 1st, 2nd and 5th birthday, (not so) little ones!

Notes to self: Remember to make button holes before folding down top for drawstring casing flap. I used exactly 1/2 C black eyed peas for the bean bags. When switching to zig zag for the stretchy fabric, I lengthened the stitch length.


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