Keep It Simple

On Sunday, I found a sign that we hadn’t unpacked from moving (11 months ago!). It struck a chord with me and I couldn’t wait to hang it somewhere that we would see it as often as possible. It now sits atop the doorway in our living room. The label says it is ‘Horatio’s iron plate keep it simple’.

I’ve been trying to keep it simple recently and ways that I have really felt accomplished in the task are:

1. Trimmed down my work shirt numbers from 15 (who needs three weeks of shirts? I only wear about five shirts) to 9. Hey, it’s a start. I also got rid of two jumpers/sweaters.

2. Recognised that I was complicating things by trying to sew a shirt for a friend’s wedding when I had a blouse I could wear if I changed the bottom garment. It took 4 weeks to realise this and 5 minutes to pick an alternative outfit that will work well.

3. Decided along with Honey to make pdf wedding invitations rather than making and mailing paper invitations. We have had the paper to cut up since October and can’t seem to make ourselves design an invite! No postage and no waste are clearly the way to go!


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