Homemade Wheat Thins and Ricotta

Last night after work, I played the latest episode of ‘Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me‘, which is infamous for making me laugh LOUDLY while washing the dishes. As the sink filled, I hopped over to Pinterest and saw a Wheat Thins recipe and immediately knew I needed to make them. After conquering Cheeze-its and now owning a pizza cutter, I knew that I’d be confident enough to make them.

The recipe I followed was very easy to make and made about 1/3 a regular box. I’ve missed these crackers! The dough from the edges was easy to roll back to cut more. The link I originally used no longer exists, but this looks like a popular recipe to try. This convinced me that it was time to get back into cracker making as I used to make graham crackers and saltines.

As I checked the temperature conversion in a cookbook, I glanced at the copy of Home Cheese Making that friends passed on to us. I thought I’d try mozzarella, ricotta or paneer but the first required citric acid and enzyme, the second also needed cream and the third looked too complicated for 8pm! If I eat cheese, it is only ever a soft cheese so these would have been great places to start. I made a mental note to get the required ingredients at our heath food store (as well as more milk!) and searched for a simpler recipe online. I found this microwave ricotta recipe and halved it. It was basically making buttermilk substitute and heating it up! I know yogurt cheese is very easy but I was a bit surprised at how easy this was. This means I can now eat organic soft cheeses and use some ricotta to make what I’ve been craving for a few weeks: baked ziti (albeit with penne pasta as we can’t get ziti here)!

Hopefully, I’ll recreate this plate in a few months with home grown spring onions!



  1. Drooling! Your wheat thins look fantastic! did you ever use Bells Poultry Seasoning for making stuffing when you lived in the US…its apparently a New England thing, but every now and again i do find other Americans from the east coast that had found/used it. If you are one such person, i have the recipe for it, if you’d like it (or i could just give you one of my many jars lol as the recipe makes an enormous amount)…or maybe both options lol.

    Ohhh and OMG, OMG, OMG, you have recipe for graham crackers AND saltines???? Ok, what treasure, limb or other item of value (was going to offer my hubby, but he’s just too valuable and I can’t imagine life without him lol) will it take for you to share those recipes, or the graham crackers at the very least, for NY cheesecake and my rum balls that I’ve had to make with digestives…and no matter what the Brits think digestives just do not even come close to graham crackers lol and it is a heated argument hubby and I have every winter when I sigh over the thought of another year of making do with digestives again. 😉

    Anyway, there’s no need to post my comment, so long as you get the message…and if you are able to see my email address, that’s my general one, but the one that reaches me faster is the same ‘name’ but @mail.com is the one that reaches me faster if you ever feel like a chat :). Thanks again for all the fantastic recipes, you rock!!

    Warmest Wishes,

    • No, I haven’t heard of that seasoning. I did used to use Old Bay seasoning on my popcorn and sometimes miss it…although I have not yet missed it enough to make it.

    • I need to get moving on re-making the graham cracker recipe…it’s a bit funny because we can’t get graham flour here like the recipe calls for, so I think I used to make it with the best wheat flour I could find. I’ve been meaning to try it with an addition of wheat germ.

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