Sucker for Canning Jars

Remember when I fell in love with the canning jar I bought to be my travel mug? Being so smitten was quite natural really, considering my love of food, home made things and glass jars for storing things (salsa jars are great for tea bags, solid shampoo, cupcakes, snacks for work…to name a few of the million things we use them for). While reused food jars are perfect for dry lunches, they leak when holding liquid and chucked in a bag for work.

If you remember, I have felt at a loss because buying canning jars online is so expensive and we buy them singly rather in large sets here in the UK. Well, Honey found decently priced Kilner jars (£1.25 for the little ones and £2 for the large!) at the Morrisons near her work in Edinburgh! Now, we each have a few for liquids and lunches. This also means that I need to make a cosy for Honey’s travel jar. The large ones are great to take to work full of (nettle) tea in the morning. This saves me from getting up from my desk so often and reminds me to fill it up with water when it’s empty!


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