One Year Old Kitties

It’s hard to believe, but our cats are one year old today! They’re so different from when we brought them home at 2 1/2 months. When we adopted them, I didn’t imagine how deeply I could possibly love them.

Samuel is our lovebug and still sleeps in my arm each night. If we wake up and he notices that he is laying next to my arm, he will re-position himself promptly on/under my arm. He starts purring when we go near him and often joins us on the sofa in the evenings. He even starts loudly purring the second he sees either one of us peek our eyes open (even at 4am)! Although he seeks our love and asks to be pet, he always seems startled and a bit thrown off balance when we gently touch him. He does intentionally throw himself off balance, however, when we’re sitting or laying down; as soon as he is close enough to one of us, he throws himself down sideways into us for cuddles. It’s hard to explain! He is the more vocal of the two and will ‘hound’ (‘cat’ us?) for cat milk, or for us to turn on the tap, to pet him, or to play with him. He knows the sound of the laser toy and looks strangely robotic when chasing the little red dot. He makes the fantastic clicking sound that hunting cats make. Samuel brings us worms from the garden and his walk is more of a strut that Honey believes goes perfectly to the sound of ‘Stayin’ Alive’.

Mogget was the dominant one for quite a while, but we think that has passed on to his brother. He catches the mice/moles that his brother steals. He’ll spend hours staring out of windows or laying in the grass stalking leaves, bees, birds and mice. He is amazingly and powerfully graceful and very adventurous. He often asks his brother to play, loves rolling around on the front step or hiding under the bush in the front. He’ll rub himself against you for love, loves his face scratched, and will almost immediately roll on his back for a belly pet. He will run away if he thinks you’re trying to bring him inside. Like his brother, he will come from (seemingly) miles away if he hears the saucers that we often use to serve cat milk. Mogget is fond of cuddling but tries to lick your skin as he falls asleep. He walks with a jungle’s worth of confidence and is a ‘social’ being as he sneaks into the homes of neighbours and has been known to bring a pair of children’s socks and a full slice of white bread back inside for us.

Happy birthday boys and thank you for sharing so much love!


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