(Rain, Sun and) Earth Day

Earth Day was observed today by gardening in the rain, sun and fresh air!

We spotted a few pink wildflowers popping up on the lawn, although I couldn’t find it in the seed mix we used. They’re still to be identified.

I prepared another vegetable patch by the hedge, known as the ‘Scottish veggies‘ patch, which had been partially prepared in the fall when I planted cabbages. I moved bluebells, daffodils and two other unidentified plants from there to the ‘woodlands’ garden under the tree, with some bluebells also ending up out front. I moved two clumps of the other unidentified plant (though I remember it being pretty!) by the blackberry.

A neighbour gave the go-ahead to use the bricks he had piled out in his backyard, so they edged the Scottish Veggies patch.  This area now houses cabbage, purple sprouting broccoli and beets that we started from seed, two kale plants that lasted the winter, and 32 onion sets (Stuttgarter Giant and Red Karmen). This chart says that beets help alliums (onion family) and brassicas (cabbage family), so I put all three in together. The veggie patch was then covered with fleece (hoping to avoid cabbage loss due to caterpillars again).

We finished the day by putting 4 chitted potatoes into bags (variety: ‘First Early’) and taking a trip to a local field. When passing this field a few weeks ago, we asked the farmer about the pile of manure and hay sitting at the edge. He said that we could take some, so we filled up a wheelie bin today. It will sit in the bin for a year and be next year’s fertilizer.

Happy Earth Day!


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