Make a Wish!

It was my birthday this past weekend and it was low-key. One plan had been to join my sister in law for a Ben Nevis charity hike, but that has been post-poned. I then pondered an open house with campfire, a bike ride or a trip to the museum and just couldn’t settle on what I wanted to do. The reason? I didn’t want to do much at all! We hung around the house, went to a movie, sat by the river, (I) did some sewing, ate yummy food (including a whole batch of peanut butter cookies), played games, I went rowing, and just enjoyed not having a schedule.

I came home from rowing with this beauty tucked under my arm. It is a seat from a boat we no longer have at the club, but it is exactly the kind of seat I learned to row on almost a decade ago. When I find the perfect place for it, I will hang it on a wall.

I also did some sewing for myself! I made this camera strap cover from a gorgeous sheet I picked up at a charity shop over Thanksgiving weekend. I have had this cover tutorial bookmarked for ages, but didn’t use it for mine.

Last year, I set myself some goals for the age of 31 and they are not accomplished. I’m not at all bothered about this though, because we were too busy celebrating life for me to get much water time in for number one, number two also fell prey to the lack-of-time monster and three was more of something I thought I should do. We have spent the past year living, as I said, and working to improve our lives through health, friendships and other things that are good for the heart. So my goal of 32, or rather my wish for myself,  is to remind myself and us as a couple to follow what our hearts say not what our minds think we ‘should’ do or be.


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