Spring Onions (a.k.a. Scallions)

Okay, I’m a believer. Just as I saw ravings about kale chips all over the internet, so too did I see ‘everyone’ re-growing spring onions. At first, I didn’t see the point if you could grow them in soil or buy them. Still, I ‘wasted’ a few inches of the stalk on two test spring onions, so that I could plop them in water. And they grew. And I have used them.

I think I’ll just pop them outside in the garden before we go on holiday, but it definitely seems worth it to re-grow spring onions in water when the weather is too cold for outdoor growing!



    • Keep about an inch of them when you’re cooking (it feels wasteful, but it will regrow) and yep, put them in water! It’s all over the internet.

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