Balloons Deflate Faster in Cold Air

This is our second full day back from a short holiday in the US to visit my family. Our bags are unpacked, the laundry is done, we’ve eaten home cooked meals and spent most calm moments at home snuggling or playing with our cats.

I’ve gone through photos and posted them on facebook for family and friends to see and am grasping tightly to the sights, sounds and memories of a warm summer before they fade.

But, it’s grey and cold outside and on our bike ride to the store today, my ears stung from the chilly air. It’s June; summer. It is always like this in Scotland but three weeks in what I find to be more ‘appropriate’ temperatures have robbed me of the patience to accept it while dealing with the emotional come down from a great vacation.

And so I find that I am quickly deflating like balloons left in the cold after the celebrations have ended. To combat this, I head back to snuggling with the cats and processing photos for printing.


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