In the Wink of An Eye

When we arrived back in Pennsylvania, we were greeted at the airport by my parents and little sister. It seems like only a few blinks later, we were back at the airport saying goodbye. I swear time goes more quickly each visit back ‘home’ that I make.

Toddler with blanket on clothesline. Pennsylvania, 1983 or 1984

In practically the same amount of time, my little sister has grown from a baby to toddler, to teen to twenty something to…a THIRTY YEAR OLD! She actually has her 30th birthday in August, but I wanted to give her gift to her when we were visiting, so I am blogging about it now.

When my sister was a baby someone gave her a crochet blanket that, hearing our mom tell her to go to sleep alongside the blanket in her cot, she began to call ‘Sleep’. She loved this blanket and took it everywhere with her and us, wearing it down to a tangle of grey threads that fit into the palm of her hand. I wanted to reconstruct this beloved blanket for her and thought that her 30th would be the perfect occasion. Except for not being able to get blue yarn as pale as the original I managed to get the colours, stitch, and size very close, with the help of the family photo album. The fact that my sister had Sleep in almost every photo of her childhood certainly helped too! Happy early birthday little sis!

crochet baby blanket on clothes line

Directions for Sleep:

Baby worsted weight yarn.

12 stripes (about 6 inches long per section) made up of 8 boxes long and 48 boxes wide.

Use baby pale pink, baby powder blue, butter yellow and sea foam green (in that order).
Edge in yellow shells.



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