White Clover Blossoms

Last weekend our back lane sprang into a waving field of fluffy white pompoms as the white clovers bloomed. I was a tad hesitant to harvest them in case there was a British look-alike plant that was toxic because they were freakishly tall compared to the ones I would have looked out for in the US (yes, this is my 9th summer in Scotland, but I lived the city life for so many of them). After checking several sources (one being my mom), I knew we were safe to go. So, before the rains arrived mid-week, I harvested about every 4th ripe clover head and dried them in the oven. Now in our pantry, there’s white clover blossoms to go with the lady’s mantle and nettle leaves! Clover tea is like the sweet nectar of a summer breeze sipped while warm in the sun. Yum!

I may have said this before, but I adore our back lane. It is a trove of delicious and medicinal plants that I discover more about each visit!


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