Love is Sweeter Than Cake

Yesterday, Honey and I celebrated the year that went by so quickly! We had a slow, relaxing day, being thankful for the time together. In the afternoon, Honey sent me from the room and I was called back in to find an indoor picnic in the ‘park’, complete with birdsong, a band in the ‘distance’, a huge spread of food and board games.

After an evening playing games at our picnic, we ate the final two pieces from last year’s cake. It didn’t actually take like freezer burn as I had worried! The cultivated strawberries from our garden are not yet ready so store-bought strawberries were supplemented by wild strawberries and half a raspberry from out back.

After dessert we wandered to the place where we held our meal last year, to listen to Rail Fan play. Although we know someone in the band, we had not yet heard them live. Sitting in one of our favourite places in town while relaxing to good music was the perfect way to top the day!



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