Forays into Recreating Childhood

The day before her birthday (after a week or so of my questions), Honey finally specified her preferred birthday cake. It was her childhood favourite so I phoned my mother in law to learn how to make it. After work on her birthday yesterday, I set to baking.

Lessons learned:

1. Make sure that Honey lodges her request with ample time to purchase the materials and create the cake before 10pm on the evening of her birthday.

2. Start the cake the day before it will be consumed- it takes a while for the cake to cool and for the chocolate to set!

3. Make the colours as saturated as I did, it was perfect. Perhaps except for the yellow since it just looked like cake!

4. Do not use a pyrex dish.

5. Even though the knife comes out perfectly clean, the cake may not have a fluffy and light consistency.

6. About 275g (just under three bars) of chocolate was perfect for a half-batch of cake.

6. It was a good move putting the candle in before the chocolate set.

7. It should be a new tradition to make the recipient guess the colours used before cutting the cake.

8. Even if Honey says it looks like a cow pat, her glistening eyes tell a different story.



  1. All good witches blood cake looks like a cow pat!!
    Red food colouring is good too, giving an appearance of blood.
    I can’t remember where the idea came from, but it was a popular birthday cake for Honey and her siblings.
    Often their friends wouldnt eat it though, once discovering it was made with witches blood!!

    • Good to know about cow pats! : * )
      I couldn’t find any red blooded witches this time around and didn’t want to make it predictable. I told Honey she could have a piece of cake for every colour she guessed correctly! Haha…

  2. Looks good! In college I made a marbled cake for my politics class, to represent checks and balances (I don’t know why either). Happy Birthday to the Honey and I hope the cake was delicious.

    • Thanks! I guess it was about making a checked cake, hee hee, sounds cool. The cake was *not* as delicious as it should have been (the strong olive oil and consistency made sure of that), but we ate it and Honey loved it anyway.

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