No Excuse

Remember when I wrote about going to yoga class? I *loved* it. I went for a few months, but then things happened. I worked several evenings when I had class (there was only one evening class scheduled after work hours) and then was sick for a week or two, then the holidays came, then I got out of the habit and the darkness of winter kept me inside after work. I wanted to go back, but it wasn’t the right time for my body. Or so I told myself. During this time, a colleague told me that when it came to yoga, I should give ‘no excuses’ and just practice. I wanted to hear it but wasn’t fully ready to and told myself that I needed a teacher.

During the winter, I started going to physio in the early morning before work (displacing some of my home time) and to acupuncture (displacing my cash). Recently, I have been able to reduce the regularity of acupuncture and planned on returning to class only to find that sometime over the winter, they cancelled the evening class that I had attended. Now that could be an excuse, but this time I will not let it. I spoke about not being able to practice when I come home in the evenings as I need to either help with food preparation or am fed and then cannot do yoga. Honey said that I should get home and just go upstairs to practice.

Over the weekend, I disappeared into our spare room to check out Esther Ekhart’s yoga channel that I saw posted on Pinterest. I worked my way through the 1st beginner’s video and then on to the next. The narrator is clear about what body parts to pay attention to, there is enough time to get a feel for the poses and it is not too much going on at once; I will be returning! There are five beginners videos to build on and then sets of videos targeting different body parts, types of poses or ailments.


In short, there is no excuse for me to not practice yoga. I have even posted a photo to seal the deal!

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