More Garden Yummies

Just a few more photos of the garden over the end of July into early August…

The spinach beet grew huge leaves for us!

The peas have been pretty slow. With two plants, we have only gotten a handful so far. Still, this beats last year’s total of ONE pea pod!

The cultivated strawberries are having a regenerative year after we uprooted them to the raised bed. We have focused on them growing new offshoots, but we did get three berries.

The Tay blackberry is wonderful. The plant is tiny but fruits wildly! The berries are huge and sweet, such a difference from the wild ones I’ve harvested over the years in Stirling.

The potato flowers surprised us by being purple!

After the foliage yellowed and died back, we dug up the potatoes. This batch is from the first bag, harvested the week before last week. We dug up a larger harvest from the second bag this weekend.

The first two beets pulled up! We didn’t grow these last year, so this is pretty exciting!

The beets were delicious on pizza!

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