Baby Blanket for a Toddler

This blanket has been in the works for two years. The hang up? Weaving in the ends. It’s now completed and passed along to the recipient. I don’t think I’ll be making any striped blankets in the future.



  1. It’s beautiful!! There always seems to be one ‘hang up’. Everything I’ve made so far (in the last year I got into quilting and patchwork) has had one sticking point or ‘hump’ that I’ve had to get over… meaning it’s sat there for a while before I could face attempting again.
    I really like the colours, the stripes are really strong and work well. Beautiful work.
    Is it for a girl or a boy? (although in blue, I find the colours fairly unisex, which I like!)

    • Thank you!

      There was a hang up getting it finished before the weaving in stage too- stripes. I think I am just over them!

      I asked the expectant Mama what colours she really liked and used them. The stripes go down the length of the bed. The blanket went to a little girl- I don’t like using really gendered colours for babies unless the parents request it.

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