My best best friend, whom I have known for 30 years, has a huge birthday today! Over the years, we have gone on so many adventures: in the Amazon; searching for (and spying on!) giants; watching giraffes out the back window of the house; playing in igloos; hanging from gazebos and stuffing ourselves with warm, ripe grapes; panning for gold; catching bugs and other animals; going to mountains, beaches, forests, castles, cities, plays, dance classes, music classes and anywhere else together; showing each other our new (separate) worlds and the friends and joys in them; spending hours over the phone or computer together while baking in two separate countries, and so many more things.

Children in tree at Ralph Stover state park, PA. Early 90s

Through those times we also fought fiercely, the way that is only possible when you love someone more than anything. HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY to my little sister!

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