I usually keep a charity shop bag open in the corner of the room so that I can donate things as I think of them rather then remembering what I want to get rid of at ‘clear out’ time. The problem with this, is that I have to carry bulging bags into town on a Saturday (the only time I’m home that shops are open).

Last week,  I actually read the donation bag that came through our mail flap. It said it would be picked back up on a certain day that week. Not only did I have two bags ready to carry to the shop, but I filled up another three. Then, on pick-up day, I stuck them out front and they got taken away. While I didn’t get to choose the charity this way, five large bags got picked up in one day. That would have taken us several weekends to donate in town by delivering them on foot.

1. Charity shop bags always being filled in our home

2. Curb-side pick up

3. Magical de-cluttering!


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