Pair Bonding

We’ve had a pretty tough few weeks dealing with a lot of different things going on. Let me emphasise that we are safe and healthy, but just have been running in too many directions at too high a speed for too long while trying to take care of too much. We’ve been doing brain work, physical tasks, attempting to take care of friends in need, home improvement/interventions, planning and preparing for a large event, clearing out things we don’t need, searching for what we do need and just spending too many waking hours not even getting to the basics of sleeping, food preparation, eating or completing chores.

But, we have kept each other going. It is the first time since we were both studying and I finished my thesis that we both needed so much (extra love, the other one to do the chores or food, etc.) at the same time. Tonight, a friend posted this song and it is resonating so deeply with me right now. I am dedicating it to my wife for our life together and particularly the scenes in the past week:

Each of us sobbing into the other’s arms for different reasons on Monday and Tuesday respectively; exhausted and puzzling out an issue together on Wednesday and laughing hysterically on the way to the train station Thursday morning (today) when we made up a new game. Blessed doesn’t even cover it.

Song to accompany this season with my wife: I Will Wait by Mumford and Sons


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