A Month of Thanks: Safety and Support

My parents lost power on the 29th October and finally got it back today! I am grateful that they were not hurt in the storm and that their home is alright. I am also thankful for: their local township handing our MREs (military meals ready to eat, for all you non-Americans) and water; that their friends helped them prepare for the storm; that they had the camping gear that they needed to see them through the week; that a neighbour on the street behind them who got power back within a day ran an extension through two yards and into their house so that their phones and fridge could be charged; and, that electric company workers drove from Mississippi to help get Pennsylvania back on the power grid and that my parents can now have hot water!

This is the transformer in their front yard, which I always though looked like Oscar the Grouch’s home! The top of the can and the pole broke off in the storm.

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