Christmas Market

Christmas windmill at German marketBefore my brother-in-law left the country (he flew over for our wedding), the family got together to celebrate an early Christmas. We started in Edinburgh and the German Market before heading to my mother-in-law’s for an overnight and a dinner the following day. It felt exactly like Christmas.

Christmas deer at German marketCeramic gnomes and santas at German marketOld fashioned tin toysI had eagerly awaited the market for a chance to practice my photography. Looking at last year’s shots, I definitely like them better, but can take pride knowing that this is the first year I went fully manual. The market was also heaving with people! The only way to get around was to shuffle slowly in the general direction and not to get too discouraged when ending up in a ‘stream’ headed in the wrong direction. A dry, mild, Saturday night in December is definitely not the most relaxing time to visit.

Paper doll puss in bootsSanta Claus paper dollI seem to have had an eye for the toys and animals this year.

Star lamps


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