Mama Comfort

My mama’s currently in the hospital working to recover from her double nephrectomy. I wish I could be there to comfort her but I can’t. The best thing I can do is keep in touch with my dad (and he certainly needs comforting right now too!), speak to my mom on the phone when she’s up to it, and take comfort in the quilt she made me.


When we were kids, my mom and dad had a gorgeous scrap jean quilt on their bed. We loved tucking under it, feeling the warm weight, hiding secret notes in the many pockets, and hearing stories about the different pieces of clothing. Knowing how much I loved the blanket, my mom made me one for my undergraduate graduation, using fabric from clothes that once belonged to my parents and my childhood self. Although she gave it to me after my Master’s, I didn’t have it with me throughout my PhD because I kept it at their house until I felt long-term stable in a home. After finishing the final two rows, I brought it over this June and have waited to blog about it in an attempt to get some photos that do it justice. I haven’t succeeded with the photos, but think it’s time to share it!



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