One of Honey’s Christmas gifts was a custom-made order from Magic in the Grass on Folksy. A few years ago (which Honey has just confirmed was her first birthday after we got together), I begun to paint an inspiring quote that I thought Honey needed to see everyday. First, it would have been on the walls of her flat before we moved in together…and then I added more gesso to the canvas…and then we moved in together and I was going to hang it in our room so she’s be inspired in the morning. My thesis, moving and work all got in the way and somehow, the canvas no longer seemed as sturdy or bright as it should have been for something I was expecting to carry so much import. I returned to the canvas several times, but never painted the quote. I even tried once more after we had moved to our current home, but knew it was no longer the right gift.


I still wanted Honey to have a daily reminder of awesomeness and engraved necklaces were the perfect inspiration. Firework is actually a great reminder of the power in an individual, so I had these lyrics put onto a necklace.



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