Blood, Sweat and Tears

Like most years, we’ve done a lot of living this year. A lot of living, and not a lot of cleaning! I usually deep clean the house before Thanksgiving, but we were busy getting ready for the wedding this year. Before Christmas, we caught the cold that everyone was sharing so didn’t do much additional cleaning then either. Through living, we accumulate things. Memories, learning and relationships are positive things to build up over time, but clutter and dirt are not. To make sure that the unwanted remnants of this year’s living don’t follow us into the new year, we’ve been maximizing our days home over the holidays. We have big plans to really settle in to our house this coming year. Decorating is part of that and paint pots await brushes later this week, but we have been working for the past month or so to pare down the clutter first. In terms of clutter, we have 10 charity shop bags (Honey filled two bags of books just yesterday!), a book shelf and a desk to go. This week, with the approaching new year, we have turned our gaze to the grime around us.

Riotflower's Realm

Off work for the holidays, we’ve been home long enough to go beyond the standard chores and have done quite a bit of further cleaning. Some of the deep cleaning we’ve done this week includes scrubbing the skirting boards, doors, walls in places that are always reachable by cats but not usually by humans, and just the general scuz that builds up on the places that we don’t think to clean like chair legs. All pillows are also getting the royal (cleaning treatment) and although it’s winter and we don’t have a dryer, they dry fine on the radiators.

The more I clean, the more I see to clean and there are many more inches of skirting board and doors to cover, but I know we’re getting there!


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