Honey has wanted a pair of slippers for a while, so I repurposed an old felted sweater to make her a cosy pair of slipper boots for Christmas. The lightening bolt was made of a woven cotton and started to pucker as I stitched it on to the stretchy fabric, so I thought stuffing it would be the perfect solution. It was. Since I was basing the slippers on a pair of flat Vans Honey wears, I tweaked them several times once they were put together, so I left the bolt for last. Because of that, I couldn’t get the boot far enough onto the machine to stitch the bottom of the bolt on and had to trim it down in size. I thought it still looked like a lightening bolt though. Honey, however, did not immediately recognise the shape. When she opened them on Christmas day, she asked if it was an ‘M’ and I had to tell her that it was a lightening bolt for a super hero because even superheroes deserve to relax when they’re not working. She likes the slippers and has decided that the lightening bolt in fact also doubles as an ‘M’ for ‘Megawife’.

Megawife Handmade Slippers- Riotflower's Realm

Megawife Handmade Slippers-Riotflower's Realm




  1. I love these! I wear slippers everyday, and I wear them out fast! I’m totally into refashioning. Now I’m going to have to make me a pair of these cute slippers! Thanks for sharing. I’d love to see more of your refashioning endeavors! 🙂

    • Hi Jen,

      Thanks for posting! I traced a pair of flat canvas shoes for the main part of the pattern and then tweaked them smaller from there. If you make a pair, let me know!


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