Decorating Begins

20130102-195548.jpgAlthough the house still has a lot of de-cluttering and organising to do, we turned our attention to decorating this week. I think it was a necessary boost that renewed our motivation. At the home improvement store, we picked up a peace lily (although we have many house plants, I am working on collecting all of the top NASA 15), bathroom rack and tester paints for the living room and bedroom.

20130102-195739.jpgtester paintSince we moved in, I have wanted a plant rack in the kitchen window and the ‘bathroom’ rack was the perfect fit!

The kitchen window is also a bit drafty in the Winter (not to mention the fact that it was pretty drab before we put the plant rack in) so it needed a curtain. The fabric I used was from one of the table cloths at our wedding (formerly a charity shop duvet cover) and I just hemmed it and made a top loop for the spring rod. I made sure that it fell several inches above the counter so that it didn’t get wet on the back of the sink. The tie back is currently being designed.




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