Walking in Sunshine

I need to improve my photography, because our New Year’s Day walk was gorgeous but I could not capture what I saw.

I didn’t pick the right aperture to have the bird of prey in focus as I quickly snapped a few shots. As a result, we still can’t figure out what bird it was.

I think the issue with the photo of beautiful deer has to do with not changing the white balance and depth of focus as with the bird. Or, you know, something else. Distance nature shots are clearly not an area that I have practiced.

My manual focus leaves a lot to be desired. With my film SLR, I always manually focused fine but with this one I am lucky if I end up getting what I want in focus even after several shots. This has to do partially with the actual focusing process and partially to do with the depth of field information that I do not carry around in my head. I cannot look at something, think about the f-stop I want to use and then know how deep the depth of field will be (although I understand the theory) or how far away I must stand to get the subject in focus. Again, linked to the issue with the animals above. I wanted all three teasel heads in focus and thought they were until they hit the ‘big’ screen once I uploaded them.

Finally, I thought that I had come close to capturing the warmth of the light streaming through the trees

…until I asked the camera what it would have automatically done and it out-shone my attempt:

Still, it was wonderful to get out in the sunshine.


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