Bright Flowers for January Baby

A friend of mine is due to have her baby this week and I gave her this blanket before she went off on maternity in December.

I had started to make a baby cardigan, my popular choice as of late, in her favourite colour but wasn’t happy with it. A brand of yarn I had used before just felt too stiff in that colourway. When re-thinking my approach, I asked her if she would prefer a cardigan or blanket for the baby and a blanket was the answer. I began the blanket three different times with new yarn and colours and was not happy with any of them. They didn’t seem to ‘fit’. Clearly, these were not the right gifts for the little one.

I wandered around in my crafting stash to mull it over and came across the vintage sheets that I had been saving (hoarding) for the right project and knew it was time! I also had some soft, fuzzy blue material to pair it with.


This reminded me that although I may have limited time for crafting, creating is not something to be rigidly pre-planned. Crafting and creating must be done joyfully, with the thoughts on the recipient not just placed ‘into’ the final product but guiding the whole creation process.



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