Across the Great Divide

As I sat on the sofa tonight reading while Honey played a computer game, I began to sing a song that had drifted into my head. I jumped over to YouTube to play some songs from Nanci Griffith’s Other Voices, Other Rooms album. When I was in High School, my dad brought me home a taped copy of this album and her version of Kate Wolf’s Across the Great Divide has always spoken to me.

Tonight, as I stand in the middle of the winter, I am finding joy in what usually buries me in layers of fatigue: the shorter days. To keep the record accurate, I do not find the shorter days joyful, but I am finding joy in them. I have a lot of support at work to keep my exercise going and I have my light box at my desk, both of which really help. The snow right now probably helps too. And you know what? In January and February, I get to see my favourite time of day every day. “The finest hour I have seen, is the one that comes between the edge of night and the break of day. It’s when the darkness rolls away”.

It’s also an inspiring song right now for so many other reasons, but largely because Honey and I are creating our vision for our future as we plan and dream and act during these long evenings. This becomes tangible as we sit “sifting through the layers of dusty books and faded papers. They tell a story I used to know, one that happened so long ago”. We are clearing through the forgotten and unimportant material and emotional reminders of our growth into who we are at the moment. During this, we’re discovering more of ourselves, each other, and great music as we delve further in to our goals.

What song is speaking to you right now?

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