Sunday Night Songs

Part of the reason I am enjoying de-cluttering is that it is encouraging us to have the time and space to get back to who we are. I have stayed away from my guitar for far too long. At the summer camp I used to work at, and where I spent summers growing up, there were two all-camp campfires each week; one on Sunday nights and one on Thursday nights. I got my guitar out tonight and really enjoyed the reconnection. I played and re-played, coaxed out crisp tones (and many other sorts!), retrained my fingers for chords I had forgotten, and reveled in the reverberations and joy created.


I have a goal to play guitar two times a week now, so hopefully I can get into that habit. This is a goal but without too much pressure because my deal with myself is start with a song. If I can get it out and play one song, that counts as the day’s goal. Actually, that is pretty much a major rule in my life: start with a song.


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