‘We Can Paint the World, Just You and Me’*

* Four Bowls of Color by Red Letter Day

We painted the parlour at the beginning of January and love the colour. It is so nice to have a few walls that seem intentional and, most importantly, not rental magnolia! Before we moved into this house, we pleaded with the landlord to keep the paint job as it was. He said he would ‘have to’ paint it for us. I don’t know why he wanted to go through with more work when we said we’d be happy with it staying colourful, but maybe he was worried we would demand a ‘clean slate’ later.

January Paint

Although it was tiring by the end, Honey and I painted the room over the weekend with the music (or radio) cranked and enjoyed the process. It was the first time that either of us had gotten to choose the colour and know that there was no one else in the house who would dislike it! It was nice taking this next step in getting our home set up.


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