Decluttering Brings More Space

Last week, the British Heart Foundation did a collection in our neighbourhood so we finally got rid of the huge pile of bags that had begun accumulating. They asked us to mark our giftaid number on each bag and I was happy to make sure they don’t have to pay tax on the items. We put 14-15 bags on the curb in the morning and all were collected. The most exciting part of this pickup is what they left behind: a leaflet saying that they will pickup whenever we’re not able to take things into town. This beats several other charity shops hands-down as the others only collect furniture. I’m pretty excited about the additional space we now have to stretch out.


The most recent decluttered list:

1. Several tiny, cute, almost empty notebooks. I found at least three tiny notebooks with only the first page used. I once had grand plans for each of them. I chopped the first page out of each and donated the beautiful notebooks that I will clearly never use.

2. Office supplies: two handfuls of extra pens given to Honey’s youth group and another handful into work, post it notes to Honey’s youth group, a box of metal tag things to the charity shop, 2-3 paper binders, box of hole reinforcers, four level rack desk organizer.

3. About 5 decorative cardboard boxes that things were presented in. Awards and gift boxes. For some reason, we find it hard to get rid of them. Recycled!

4. Orange tutu and two pairs of fluorescent rainbow legwarmers headed to friends’ daughter.

5. 5 Clip picture frames of various sizes

6. 4-5 large puzzles and two smaller puzzles

7. Ski bib

8. More clothes. Two not quite right blue shirts replaced by one that can be business and casual. A boy’s polo shirt given to the boy next door.

9. Unused cat toys (a ‘pouncing centre’ style thing and several balls) given to the kittens down the street. Our cats like boxes, dead birds and rosemary.

10. More dishes. A mug, 7 Nutella juice glasses in 2 styles, serving dish.

11. Hanging backyard candle holder, candelabra that holds 6 tea lights.

12. A desk and bookshelf awaiting pick up from a colleague

13. A bag of mixed yarns that I did not like and more bits and bobs for crafting.

14. An Easter basket

15. A boom box that skipped CDs. Recycled

16. Plastic food containers with broken or mismatched parts. Also returned several stacks of plastic containers to work.

17. Papers, papers, always more papers!

18. Expired over the counter meds

19. Condensed boxes of ‘just in case things’ like bug repellent, expired aspirin and Benadryl, etc. Besides band-aids, we do not need to keep so many extra things. We currently have fourteen containers of floss (I got excited several years ago when the pound shop closed down and everything was a quarter of the price). Once these are used up in the next century or so, we only need to buy floss as we run out.


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