Pizza Popcorn

When I was younger, one of my favourite snacks was what I called ‘pizza popcorn’. If there was a baseball game on TV, I would prepare for it by grabbing my baseball glove (yes, seriously), donning my team’s hat and then heading into the kitchen to make my snack. A snack that would last me the entire game. I would use the air popcorn popper and make an entire brown paper bag full of popcorn. I scoff at the image you may be conjuring of brown paper bags used to pack lunches. Oh no, I would fill up a brown paper bag used for grocery shopping! I would then sprinkle it with some salt, Italian or mixed seasoning and parmesan cheese. I’d fold the top over, give it a good shake and then add more seasonings. This bag would sit next to me as I munched throughout the game.

pizza popcorn

I still eat large quantities of popcorn and will happily eat a full pot of the stuff, usually with hot sauce. Several months ago, however, I rediscovered nutritional yeast. We had eaten this as children but I had forgotten until I tasted it again. I now eat it on most things. Well, this is the key to my reinvented pizza popcorn from childhood.

Pop some popcorn (preferably on the stove with olive oil), sprinkle with salt, nutritional yeast and mixed herbs and devour!



  1. This sounds so yummy. I made popcorn last night and sprinkled it with this barbecue spice mix that I made (for some homemade barbecue sauce that I also made last night). I love the idea of pizza popcorn, but I’ve never heard of nutritional yeast. Sounds yummy though! 😉

    • What’s in your BBQ spice mix?

      Nutritional yeast is sold at a lot of health food stores. I don’t know of any American brand names though.

    • Thanks for sharing! My comment seems to have been gobbled by the internet. The BBQ spice mix looks really good for oven chips/fries!

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